How it all began

Being the best needs a solid foundation and that is what Sangeetha Rajeev initially set off to do. She started perfecting her craft gaining lot of musical knowledge and studying the niche before making it a Work Of Art. This required a lot of practice, lot more practice and tons of exercise just to be The Best. Nothing comes easy and definitely being best needs a lot of work hence being a workaholic pays off 

Working with various musical sounds and top singers helped her perfect her rhythm in the space. Just like how a musical instrument needs the right rhythm, an artists needs rhythm and consistency in their craft.

Music and all that jazz

Being a singer from Karnataka, her heart is always with the Kannada Cinema (Sandalwood). But she has also worked with the best Bollywood Film Industry veterans and being raised in Mumbai, she was always fluent with the Hindi Language. This helped her immensely to dominate and being the best in the performance space.


With the most cinemas of India experimenting with ensembles of various music styles of Pop, Electronic, Dance Music, Rock ..etc, she was quickly exposed to all these styles at an early stage in her singer career. Now being the best singer and the best performer in Bangalore, she is looked up by many budding Bangalore singers in the space both female and male singers alike

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